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Collision Repair Education Foundation
5125 Trillium Boulevard
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60192
Phone: 888.722.3787
Fax: 847.590.1215
Email: info@ed-foundation.org

Clark Plucinski, Executive Director

For any general or administration questions, please contact Janet Marczyk at 847-463-5283
Email: Clark.Plucinski@ed-foundation.org

Brandon Eckenrode, Director of Development

Phone: 847.463.5244
Fax: 847.463.5444
Email: Brandon.Eckenrode@ed-foundation.org

Melissa Marscin, Director of Grant Programs

Phone: 847.463.5282
Fax: 847.463.5482
Email: Melissa.Marscin@ed-foundation.org

Janet Marczyk, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 847.463.5283
Fax: 847.463.5483
Email: Janet.Marczyk@ed-foundation.org


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