Directed-Purpose Gifts

Would you like to support your local school, or offer help to deserving students in your own community? Your directed purpose gift can be designated for a specific school collision program, to create a memorial or tribute, or to target a specific student demographic or group. Our generous partners have focused their gifts on a designated region or market and have provided scholarships to encourage women, minority groups, or students with economic challenges to pursue collision repair education.

Directed purpose gifts are an outstanding opportunity for donors to be recognized by naming a scholarship fund, and they provide an excellent marketing opportunity to form a strategic alliance with a collision repair school or specific cause.

The Collision Repair Education Foundation is committed to maximizing the potential of the donations we receive and to being good stewards of your investment. Our operational expenses are funded through donations, and our goal is that expenses will not exceed 30% of the funds raised. To fund general Collision Repair Education Foundation activities, including administrative costs, up to 25% of all directed-purpose gifts received may be allocated to the unrestricted Collision Repair Education Campaign General Fund to be used where the need is greatest. Directed purpose gifts are subject to funding minimums depending on the grant category, and designated schools must be eligible for Collision Repair Education Foundation grants. Questions about opportunities can be directed to